A free spirit with a hint of peat - the balance of malt and grain give a truly excellent whiskey unique to Ireland

Inishowen Irish Whiskey is a unique blend whiskey as it is very lightly peated.  It contains a number of different types of whiskey which include peated malt whiskey, malt whiskey and grain whiskey.  

The use of peated malt is a distinct characteristic which ensures that Inishowen is the only peated Irish blend whiskey in the world.  

The Inishowen Irish Whiskey brand originates from the A.A. Watt distillery in Derry , in the late 1800’s.  

Inishowen derives its name from the beautiful Northern Inishowen peninsula, situated in Co. Donegal in the west of Ireland .  The peninsula itself is steeped in history centering around Burt Castle which was often a defence against various attackers down through the centuries. This region was also well known as a prime location for the illicit production of the highly esteemed “poteen”. In fact the bulk of the illicit trade was located in the Inishowen region and by 1822 there were as many as 800 stills in operation.  

Tasting notes of Jim Murray, renowned Whiskey Commentator

Nose:                                      Unmistakably earthy yet lofty signs of peat are the first to show with grape and apple fruitiness not far behind. Simple traces of vanilla are also present.

Taste:                                     Momentarily sweet then a dry, full, smoky, smouldering start with the malt also coming through. There is a powerful middle due to the grain gathering force.

Finish:                                     The peat retreats to just a spicy sparkle at the back of the tongue and a faint deep note with just a touch of malty sweetness on the very end.

Serving Suggestions:             Inishowen can be served neat, on the rocks, or with water to taste.  

Awards:                                  The uniqueness of this fine whiskey has been recognised in major competitions where it has won a number of medals including: 3 Silver (1996, 1998, 1999) and 3 Bronze (1997, 1998, 1999).  

Endorsements:                       Genuinely lovely stuff for those with a favourable disposition towards heavier whiskies, something not normally associated with Irish”.

Jim Murray, author of Classic Irish Whiskey.

“A detectable level of peatiness is the trade mark of this brand.  The peat is balanced within a malt and grain blend giving a variety of flavours and another dimension to savour”.

Noel Sweeney, Cooley Master Blender.

So what's it like? Actually it's a revelation. Soft, peaty yet not at all Scottish, this is inspired stuff. Irish with a twist. I am never without a bottle and it give to folk who ask for Scotch. They never complain.

Description Alc/vol Size Code Retail Price
Inishowen Irish Whiskey. 40% 700ml 7206 51.99

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