Connemara 12 year Old Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey

The newly released Connemara 12 Year Old is already causing a stir among whiskey connoisseurs worldwide after scooping a Gold Medal at the World Spirit Competition in San Francisco in March 2004. Reflecting the region of Connemara , this magnificent 12 Year Old revives the age-old tradition and heritage of drying malted barley over peat fires. To the smooth, balanced malt and peat flavours of Connemara Peated Single Malt is added the lingering wood aftertaste to produce a whiskey of great complexity and sophistication. Truly, Connemara 12 year old has been worth the wait.

John Teeling, Chairman of Cooley Distillery said "Our blenders and quality consultants have made us release the Connemara 12 year old. They believe that it is one of the best whiskeys in the world - bar none. It represents the pinnacle, to date, of Cooley distillation and maturing skills. The soft waters of the Cooley Hills, the warm caress of the copper pot stills, the breathing oak barrels from Kentucky , the ancient granite warehouses of Kilbeggan and 12 years in a perfect whiskey climate have combined to deliver this gem. We have very limited quantities, so savour while you can."


Description Alc/vol Size Code Retail Price
Connemara peated Irish Whiskey. 40% 700ml 7183 74.99
Connemara Irish 12 year old Whiskey. 40% 50ml 7189 10.99
Connemara Irish 12 year old Whiskey. 40% 700ml 7182 145.99

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There are quiet moments in life, when there is nothing to match a large Cask Strength Connemara sitting in the bottom of a glass.  

The Connemara Pure Pot Still Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey is a unique product, being the only single peated pure malt Irish whiskey distilled.  

Connemara Cask Strength is Connemara Single Malt bottled from the cask at around 60 per cent alcohol by volume.


The unique and exceptional quality of Connemara Cask Strength was recognised in the International Wine and Spirits Competition where it won a gold medal in 2000.


Prior to the Industrial Revolution, Irish distilleries dried the green malt over peat fires once the malted barley had germinated.  The smoke rising through the malted barley gave it a distinct peaty flavour and aroma.   

As many of the distilleries in Ireland were located alongside a canal, the transport of coal to the distilleries became far easier and cheaper.  Over time peat was then substituted with coal in the distilling process.  This temporarily killed the tradition of peated whiskeys.   Cooley Distillery has resurrected this process and recreated the Connemara Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey to revive this lost tradition.  

The secret of the Connemara ’s special peated taste is in the drying process.  Once the malted barley has germinated it is dried over a peat fire.  

The melange of pure clear spring water and peated malted barley give the Connemara a rare flavour.  Slowly maturing for long years in oak casks, the natural ingredients and traditional distilling methods employed create a whiskey, which is simply spectacular.  

The famous Connemara region in the west of Ireland is a region of wild beauty, with majestic mountains, soft rain, mist, rivers, lakes and pure water carried eastward by the Atlantic winds. The Connemara Cask Strength Pure Pot Still Peated Single Malt is a taste of this majestic region of lakes and mountains.  

Tasting notes of Jim Murray, renowned Whiskey Commentator

Nose:                                      This is the unique aroma of peated Irish whiskey as nature intended.  When cold, the smokiness is quite lazy; warm in the glass and it starts to lift off into another, medicinal direction and positively amplifies when it reached the nostrils.  Wow!  

Taste:                                      Big, fat and oily start with enormous peat surge in the middle.  The peatiness is toasty and roasty rather than iodiney.  It absolutely fills the mouth yet still enables sufficient malt to come through to give some added complexity.                                                

Finish:                                     Massive peat clings to every crevice in the mouth and remains sweet and glorious.  

Serving Suggestions:             Connemara Cask Strength can be served neat in a tumbler glass, on the rocks, or with a little water to release the bouquet. It is ideal as an after dinner or weekend drink when one can truly enjoy a tranquil moment to savour this unique whiskey.

Awards:                                  IWSC gold winner in 2000  

Endorsements:                        “There are quiet moments in life, when there is nothing to match a large Cask Strength Connemara sitting in the bottom of a glass. You don't so much get tipsy as high.”  

“This is a gentle monster of a whiskey … in this beautifully natural, undiluted state; this is the most extraordinary whiskey to come out of Ireland in living memory. Top marks for this one”.  

“The higher strength Connemara intensifies the flavours associated with its predecessor at 40% alcohol by volume.  Careful selection of different aged whiskies has contributed to this being regarded as Cooley Distillery’s finest whiskey.  However, as with all peated malts its an acquired taste”.

Noel Sweeney, Cooley Master Blender.  


Connemara Cask Strength 59% 50ml 7194 $7.99

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