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  Old Fitzgerald’s            1849  


                    Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

* Old Fitzgerald’s 1849 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is the perfect marriage of age and proof-aged in wood, 90 proof.


* The bouquet of Old Fitzgerald’s 1849 is described as rich with hints of oak, butterscotch, and mint.


* Old Fitzgerald’s 1849 is made by a proven, traditional, and unhurried process using only the finest grains and purest water and aged in white oak barrels charred to the ideal depth specified by our Master Distiller.

* The taste is mellow and sophisticated with fruity sweet and crisp overtones. The finish is soft, long and soothing. Old Fitzgerald’s 1849 is the ideal whisky to sip straight, over ice, or with just a splash of water.


* Slow-distilled, resulting in a low yield per bushel of grain.


* Each barrel of Old Fitzgerald’s 1849 is registered and aged in the unique Kentucky climate of continuity and product quality.


* Old Fitzgerald’s 1849 is made according to our tradition with a “Whisper of Wheat” to provide a very distinct, smooth flavour profile, whereas most other Bourbons use rye.

* Today’s sophisticated consumer is sure to enjoy this unique extra-aged Bourbon.

Old Fitzgerald 1849 KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY 750ml 45% alc/vol. Retail $48.99 incl.

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